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***New Shaggy Pro Hunter*** |

QuickFlip  |  QuickGrass 

2004 Quick Flip Canopy Duck Boat Blind

The quick-flip top folds back with the touch of your hand. The three-level adjustment frame allows you to select the opening size that best fits your hunting style, from full to as little as 6".  Additional opening heights are easily added by the customer.  The top may also be adjusted to close completely for overnight camping - a weatherproof tent and boat combined.

Large 9' opening lets you hunt from two to four hunters. (depending on size and model)

Single grassing strap comes standard.  Other grassing straps can be purchased for $20 each, any location.


And, to keep an eye on the sky, we have added peek ports in the back of the blind.  Each has a Velcro closure flap to keep out rain and snow.

Mossy Oak Shadowgrass shown

And for a quick exit without having to drop the blind, we have fitted the blind front with a heavy-duty freeze-proof zipper.


Our grassing straps make it easy to add vegetation to your blind for added concealment.  Insert branches, burlap, Fastgrass strips, whatever it takes to get those wings back and feet sticking out.

Shown with standard single grassing strap on front.

The super tough and long-lasting new Invisagrass  (outer cover of palm leaves) is easy to attach to the grassing strips.  The blind easily folds down with the Invisagrass and can be easily left on for two or three seasons.

Invisagrass is now available in two colors - dark brush green and marsh tan.  One bundle will cover one side.  Invisagrass is treated for mildew protection and fireproofing.  Our kit that will cover the entire blind.  Includes one tan and one dark green bundle.


Invisagrass  - a must have


 Shown here with strips of Fastgrass.




Blind folds down to the left.  Notice the arrow points to the great feature of this blind, it drops down inside the boat so the frame does not get into your way when you are operating a mud motor or tiller outboard.




Every model is equipped with a full size dog door allowing Fido to get out when the shooting stops.  The opening is adjustable allowing him to see without being seen.


Mossy Oak Breakup shown



New Quick Flip X-Large for boats 19 to 21' 
(shown below on a 20' War Eagle Boat with side console)
12' Opening Flip Top (
shown in highest of two opening positions)
Adjustable width for a perfect fit every time.
(Side dog door, zip open bow access, back viewing windows, grassing straps, etc.)
Includes all camo patterns and accessories of our smaller blinds.


Available In: Mossy Oak Shadowgrass Realtree Max-4,  New Mossy Oak Breakup Natural Gear

Blind Length Adjustment width Call for Pricing
X-Large 19 - 21 foot 90" to 104"
12' shoot opening
Large 18 to 20 foot 60" to 88"
9' 6"shoot opening
18 to 20 foot 60" to 88"
11' shoot opening
Max 4 and breakup only
Regular 15 to 17 foot 60" to 75"
9' 6" shoot opening
Regular Extended 15 to 17 foot 60" to 75"
11' shoot opening
Max 4 and breakup only
Small 14 foot 42" to 76"
8' shoot opening
Max 4 and Breakup only
Single Grassing strap on front rail standard











Note:  This blind shows four peek ports in rear.  This year's blinds have two peek ports in rear.

bullet   Three sizes to fit boats from 16-21'.
bullet   500 denier polyester wind and water resistant cover.
bullet   Enlarged 10' and 12' shooting openings this year.
bullet   Quick flip balanced full top with three position adjustable top opening.
Can be opened fully, closed fully, or positions in between.
bullet   New 1' corrosion resistant frame with space-saving exclusive single-pole mounting.
bullet   Dog door.
bullet   Fits V, modified V, or square front boats.
bullet    Two peek ports in rear.
bullet   Fowl weather top side flaps.
bullet   Full incorporated motor cover.
bullet   Automatically adjusts to the width of your boat.  Seals sides from wind.
bullet   Sides lift for easy entry and exit.
bullet   Custom mounting methods.
bullet   Raises in three minutes.
bullet   Folds to one side of the boat for easy storage and trailering.
    Travel cover included.


Our new Quick Flip blind frame is custom built for your boat. We have used the double front-and-rear crossbar system for years, but have found the crossbars use up too much floor space and gets in the way when operating the new HyperDrive style motors and outboards.  Our solution, which uses a mix of three different types of mounts, allows you to measure your boat for the blind, then select which of the mounts you prefer for the front and rear.  The photo below shows one type using the rear post and front crossbar. 

Mount types:
You have your choice of any mount for the front or rear of the boat. 

Specify when ordering.

Post style:  Commonly used in back, but can also be cut down and used on the front deck as well.  The post base doubles as a seat mount when blind is not being used.  

We now offer a conversion kit for all previous year model blinds that allows you to eliminate the crossbar and use this convenient post mount.  ($38.50 plus shipping.)

Deck Mount:  This is secured by screwing the mount to the front deck or the top of the rear bench seat.  Comes with four 1/4" self tapping screws.  During off season, simple remove the bolt and the blind quickly removes for storage.  This is our simplest, easy to install mount.

Crossbar Mount:  This is mostly used on the bow of the boat.  Its width is adjustable and the hooked ends clamp on the boat for easy removal.  The crossbar can be used in the rear of the boat, but it can interfere with mud motor operation.


Quick Flip Deluxe Models

Blind Length Adjustment width Price
19 to 22 foot 70" to 102"
new 12' 2" shoot opening
17 to 18 foot 70" to 96"
new 12' 2" shoot opening
Regular 16 to 18 foot 60" to 75"
new 10' 2" shoot opening
+Shipping (2 boxes)
New Features
- Heavy Duty 1" frame (single pole, faster design)
- Rear Crossbar Eliminated (New Floor Post Mount for More Room)
- 2 Grassing Straps Around Entire Blind
- Much Larger 10' and 12' Shooting Openings
- 4" Taller Quick Flip Top

Remember, when you order, specify what mount type
you want for the front and rear of your boat.



QuickFlip  |  QuickGrass  |  ***New Shaggy Pro Hunter*** |

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